Rules and Guidelines for Columnists

1. Columnists should provide:

a. First and last name

b. Photo

c. Brief biography, current position, and the information you would like to post under the "About the Author" section on the website.

NB. We understand that some authors may prefer to publish under a pseudonym or without a photo; if this is the case, please provide a brief explanation).

2. All submissions must be original, and exclusive to Meydan TV. We will not consider articles that have already been published, in any form, in print or online.

3. The Opinion Editor is responsible for choosing the title of the published submission. The Editor reserves the right to change the title of the submission, with the guarantee that any such amendment will reflect the content of the article.

4. Submissions on a wide range of topics is encouraged; potential subjects include politics, business, finance, sports, culture, religion, technology, fashion, etc. Meydan TV is committed to provided well reasoned and clearly written content. We also welcome creative approaches to any topics, including humorous or satirical.

5. Word count: 5,000 characters. Longer submissions should be split into two or more parts.

6. Additional/complementary materials – such as photos, videos, infographics - can be sent to the editorial address.

7. Meydan TV does not publish the following:

  1. provocative statements that offend the honor and dignity of readers, other columnists or site administrators;
  2. foul language, both explicit and implicit (if obscene language is an integral part of the artistic concept, the editor has the right to replace relevant words with symbols)
  3. promotion and/or incitement of racial, religious or ethnic hatred, hostility and/or discrimination on racial, ethnic, sexual, religious, or social grounds
  4. false information
  5. direct or implicit advertising
  6. promotion of separatism
  7. content that threatens, discredits, and/or degrades the honor and dignity or business reputation of individuals or organizations
  8. calls for action that fall under the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan and German Criminal Law.

8. The Editors reserve the right to refuse to publish submissions that include political advertising.

9. The Editors reserve the right to reject submissions without explanation.

10. By publishing content in the "Opinions" section of the Meydan TV website and all associated media platforms (Facebook), the author transfers copyright to Meydan TV.

11. If the author is a regular contributor to the website and receives fees for each column, the Editor may commission an article on a particular topic.